VSD EMC Cables

VSD cables and EMC cables are common acronyms for Variable Speed Drive and Electro Magnetic Compatibility cables. These cables feature high degrees of interference protection and are ideal for use in environments where disturbance-free transmission of all signals and impulses are critical.

EMC and VSD cables for a range of applications

Flexible VSD and EMC cables VSD EMC Cable

  • Treoflex XLPE-CY-JB – featuring multi-stranded conductors, with a cross linked XLPE polyethylene insulation, tinned Cu braid and clear sheath 0.6/1KV. This EMC cable is ideal to supply power to motors from frequency converters, as its screening density assures disturbance free transmission of all signals and impulses.
  • Treoflex SDI-VSD – featuring thinned copper wire conducted and thinned copper braid allows this cable to be installed in aggressive environments; such as those containing hydrogen sulphides, ammonia and sulphur dioxide. Being a VSD screened cable; it is great for interference-free transmission instrumentation and control engineering applications.

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