Variable Speed Drive Cable

Offering variable speed drive cables, also known as screened cables, VSD cables or electro-magnetic compatibility cables (EMC cables), Treotham can assist you with your industrial process. Used for data, control and motor power supply in machinery, computer systems, signal cables in electronics, and other applications, these cables are very reliable.

Olflex & Treoflex VSD Cables

Our range of VSD cables are suitable for various applications with specifications including:

 Variable Speed Drive Cable - OeLFLEX CLASSIC 100 CY
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - OeLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY  
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - OeLFLEX CLASSIC 115CY
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - OeLFLEX CLASSIC 400 CP
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - OeLFLEX EB CY
  • Olflex EB CY - a PVC control cable for intrinsically-safe circuits
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - Treoflex EMC UV
  • Treoflex EMC UV - a EMC power cable with 3 split earths for fixed & moveable industrial applications
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - Treoflex XLPE CY JB
 Variable Speed Drive Cable - Treoflex SDI VSD
  • Treoflex SDI-VSD - a special screened single core VSD cable for EMC applications

For more information on any of these cables, order a free catalogue online (select Flexible Cables), or download the product-specific PDF documents on each product page above.

Get the Right VSD Cable

Ensure you get the right variable speed drive cable for your industrial application by talking to the experts at your local Treotham. Our technical engineers & trained service staff are ready to help.

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