Thrust Bearing

Exclusively distributing many international product lines, Treotham as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of high-quality components. Suitable for a wide range of engineering solutions, our range of polymer bearings offer far more than a simple plastic bearing. Our range includes many types of bearings including igubal, xiros and drylin.

Thrust Bearing

Types of Thrust Bearing

Igubal thrust bearings feature a self-aligned spherical thrust and easy to fit and help compensate misalignment errors and prevent edge workloads. With very good friction and wear properties, igus thrust bearings come in a range of configurations to suit a variety of different applications.

The properties of these thrust bearings include maximum short term static axial tensile strengths ranging from 4000N to 22000N and long term static axial tensile strengths ranging from 2000N to 11000N.

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Speak to our highly specialised team for tailored advice. Supplying products from industry-leading thrust bearing manufacturers, you can trust our range of igus thrust bearings for your industrial automation requirements.


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