Spherical Bearing

At Treotham, we offer some of the best industrial automation components by partnering with global brands. Our strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers allows us to supply spherical bearings and other components that are efficient and reliable, helping you streamline your industrial application.


Types of Spherical Bearings 

Pressfit Spherical Bearings

  • Pressfit spherical bearings – featuring an easy to fit design, these Igus spherical bearings are extremely cost effective. Being high strength and chemical resistant yet lightweight, these spherical bearings are suitable for a range of applications including food industry, railway technology and automotive industries. 


  • Flange bearings – used for the support of shaft ends, or for shafts lead-through applications. They are light weight and maintenance free making them very cost effective. Ideal for use in low installation space environments, these bearings feature high dirt resistance and can be used to adjust misalignment.


  • Spherical balls – with a maintenance and lubrication free design, these spherical balls are made using different materials including Iglidur W300, J, J4, R, UW and X, each with different material properties. This include high wear resistance, low coefficients of friction as well as materials for underwater applications.


Explore the Range & Contact Us

Partnering with Igus, one of the leaders in spherical bearing manufacturers, we bring you a range of plastic spherical bearings for any industrial application. Get in touch with a consultant for a free consultation to see how plastic spherical bearings could improve the efficiency of your automation application.

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