Silvyn Tools

Partnering with international manufacturers, such as LAPP Group, Treotham distribute these high quality components to industrial clients with expertise and customisation. The Silvyn range, from LAPP Group, includes protection and guidance systems (conduits) to protect cables against environmental conditions (e.g. dust, moisture, mechanical, thermal & chemical hazards).

Types of Silvyn Conduits

Each conduit system has various properties for different industrial applications such as:

  • Industrial machinery & plant engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Machine tool manufacturing
  • Renewable energy industries
  • Other applications where cabling requires protection and guidance

Our range of conduit systems consists of:


 Silvyn Tools – SILVYN plastic protective cable
 Silvyn Tools – SILVYN parallel protective cable
 Silvyn Tools – SILVYN metal protective cable
 Silvyn Tools – SILVYN liquid tight conduit
 Silvyn Tools – SILVYN processing tools


For more information on any of these, or other conduit systems, order a free catalogue online (select flexible conduits).

Order Conduits

To order conduits for your industrial applications, enquire online or contact your local Treotham team via email, phone, or fax.

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