Screened Motor Cable

Data and control screened cables are ideal for use in environments such as machinery, computer systems as well as signal cable for electronics. Screened cables ensure a high degree of protection against interference, thereby assuring disturbance-free transmission of all signals and impulses.

Screened motor cables for a range of application environments

screened motor cables

  • OLFLEX Classic 400 CP – with a robust PUR outer sheath for added durability in harsh conditions and high oil resistance, this screened cable is ideal for use in industrial machinery, machine tools, measurement, control and electrical applications.
  • OLFLEX Classic 100 CY – With a small diameter and high electrical performance, this screened motor cable is ideal for applications such as servo drives, conveyor and transport systems and in EMC-sensitive environments.
  • OLFLEX EB CY – Featuring a copper wire braid screening, the EB CY screened motor cable protects signal transmission within intrinsically safe circuits against electromagnetic interference. This makes it ideal for environments that require i-intrinsic safety according to IEC 60079-14:2013 / EN 60079-14:2014 and VDE 0165-1:2014, section 16.2.2.

The right cable for the job

Get in touch with our team who will work with you to identify the right cable for your individual needs. With a range of screened cables available to select from, we’re sure to have the right cable whatever your industrial application may be.

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