By distributing PMA’s range of cable protection systems, Treotham have extensive knowledge and experience in customising conduits for various industries. The PMAFLEX range of conduits are for technically demanding applications and special requirements.

Application of PMA Conduits

PMAFLEX - PMA conduit2

As the solution of choice for automation industries, building installations and other projects, the PMAFLEX flexible conduits give dependable protection for power and data cables. For more information on these conduits, download the PMA Conduit PDF. This document details:

  • PMAFLEX Pro - includes 4 variations of flexible conduits
  • PMAFLEX - includes 15 types for various applications
  • PMAFLEX Multilayer - includes 4 products for medium to heavy duty usage
  • PMAFLEX PLus - includes 3 conduits with very flexible properties

For more information on the PMAFLEX conduits, order a free catalogue online (select flexible conduits).

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