Plastic Conduit Fittings

Distributing various plastic conduit product lines for over 25 years, Treotham have extensive experience in providing professional advice on industrial applications. We distribute a wide range of PMAFLEX conduits for demanding & technical applications.

Industry Applications

Plastic Conduit Fittings - PMA Conduit

The flexible conduits and plastic conduit fittings (such as conduit adapters and nylon conduit fittings) we supply are effective in protecting cables from dust, moisture, and mechanical / thermal / chemical influences. The PMAFLEX range of conduits has over 30 different types, and these cables are suitable for dynamic applications such as:

  • Plant engineering and similar industrial machinery (e.g. automotive industry)
  • Manufacturing industries (e.g. machine tools manufacturing)
  • And other areas that require additional cable protection or guidance

To learn more about our PMA conduits, which range from 6mm to 125mm diameters, download the PDF catalogue with data specifications.

Your Local Support

For more information on any of our plastic conduit products, order a free catalogue online. For personalised expert advice for your industry applications, contact your local Treotham today.

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