Pilz PZE X4P Contact Expansion Module

In this article we provide detailed information on the PZE X4P contact expansion module to assist you in determining if it meets the requirements for your application. 

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Below we list the features of the X4P along with a datasheet download for technical specification. PZE X4Pnew

About Pilz PZE X4P

The X4P contact expansion module is used to increase the number of instantaneous safety contacts available on a base unit. The Pilz PZE X4P uses a single-channel operation so one input circuit affects both output relays.

The safety relay should be installed in a control cabinet with a protection type of at least IP54. The unit needs to be mounted securely on a vertical DIN rail (35 mm) by using a fixing element (e.g. retaining bracket or an end angle).

Download the Pilz PZE X4P Datasheet for detailed technical specifications. 

Pilz PZE X4P Features

Features of the X4P include: 

  • Meets EN 60947-5-1, EN 60204-1 and VDE 0113-1 requirements.
  • Positive-guided relay outputs (4 safety contacts (N/O), instantaneous).
  • LED indicator for switch status channel 1/2.
  • Plug-in connection terminals (either spring-loaded terminal or screw terminal).
  • Meets the following safety requirements; 
    • Safety functions on the existing circuit are transferred to the contact expansion module as the output relays are monitored via the base unit's feedback loop.
    • Safety function remains effective in the case of a component failure.
    • Earth fault in the feedback loop: Detected, depending on the base unit that is used.
    • Earth fault in the input circuit (the output relays de-energise and the safety contacts open).

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