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At Treotham Automation, we have a broad capacity to provide solutions and systems using our diverse range of industrial automation components and products. We do this by partnering with world renowned suppliers of automation components, coupled with highly trained technical engineers.

Whether you’re after a partner to provide fast and reliable services for your ongoing automation needs or a custom-build solution for a niche application, trust us to push the boundaries of quality and service.

Types of Linear Slide Systems Linear Slide Rails

  • SHT – DryLin SHT standard linear slide rail features a solid design and is available in 3 different sizes each in a range of materials for shaft and lead screw.
  • SHT-FF – DryLin SHT-FF fast forward range offers linear bearing slide rail tables with a quick release mechanism for accurate positioning and quick manual adjustments. It also features a self-locking break and recommended for horizontal linear slide applications.
  • SHT-HTX – DryLin SHT-HTX heavy duty linear slide rails are ideal for high temperatures (up to 180oC) applications. The shaft and lead screw is made of stainless steel and bearings of iglidur X. The carriages and shaft ends are made of anodised aluminium and is a lubrication free design.

Get Expert Advice for Linear Slide Rails

Speak to our trained engineers for an obligation free consultation to select the right linear bearing slide rail for your application. We stock a range of different linear slide systems and can work with you to identify the right product for your specific needs.

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