Intrinsically Safe Cable

For over 25 years Treotham have been distributing international products and gaining extensive knowledge & experience in helping customers meet their custom industrial application needs. For an intrinsically safe circuit, the OLFLEX EB CY control cable is EMC-compliant and offers space-saving installation due to the small cable diameters.

Types of Intrinsically Safe Cables

Intrinsically Safe Cable - OeLFLEX EB CY

Each intrinsically safe cable, a type of control cable, is UV and weather-resistant according to ISO 4892-2. Referred to as protection type ‘i’ for an intrinsically safe circuit design, these cables come in a range of sizes:

  • OLFLEX EB for a flexible, intrinsic safety barrier circuit
  • OLFLEX EB CY for high-degree screening of low transfer impedance
  • OZ-BL (and other variations) for flexible control & measuring in hazardous areas

For detailed information on the technical specifications, order a free catalogue online.

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