Instrumentation Control Cables

Exclusively distributing many industrial components from international manufacturers, Treotham are the local experts for instrumentation and control cables. With warehouses across Australia and New Zealand, we have partnered with instrumentation cable manufacturers to provide high quality components to various industrial markets.

Instrumentation Cable Applications

Instrumentation Control Cables - OeLFLEX INSTRUM RE 2XSTY

From communication, data and voice transmission to manufacturing processes in energy (e.g. oil & gas) industries, our range of instrumentation cable suppliers can service a wide-range of applications. For more information on our instrumentation cables, download the relevant PDF documents which includes technical data and product specifications.

To get detailed information on these cables, order a instrumentation cables catalogue online by completing the enquiry form information & then selecting flexible cables (includes instrumentation cables).

Contact Your Local Team

For customised cables and expert service, contact your local Treotham team. We have technical engineers and highly knowledgeable staff that can assist you with your industrial application.

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