Halogen Free Cable

Halogen free cables are used in a wide range of connecting cable applications. This includes cabling for signal, measuring and control, call-announcing including two-way intercom systems and a range of electrical apparatus and office equipment requirements.

Unmatched flexibility for virtually any application

Our range of halogen free cables includes: halogen free cables

  • OLFLEX Classic 110 H – a halogen free control cable that features great oil resistance and flexibility.  Being flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2, this halogen free cable is great for public buildings such as airports or railway stations, plant engineering and industrial machinery applications.
  • UNITRONIC LiHCH (TP) – Twisted pair halogen free cables for data transmission. Featuring colour code according to DIN 47100, this cable is great for data processing, measurement and control engineering, safety related systems and as electronics cable.
  • UNITRONIC LiHH – Halogen free data transmission cable with colour code in accordance to DIN 47100. The 0,34mm2 version of this cable can be used for Maxi TERMI-POINT® wiring.

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Speak to our dedicated sales team for an obligation free consultation on selecting the right cable for your specific application. With extensive industry experience, we can help select the right cable for your halogen free cabling requirements, so you make a more informed choice.

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