Flexible Conduits

Exclusively distributing many international product lines for over 25 years, Treotham have extensive knowledge & experience across all applications of a flexible conduit. We can help provide a broad range of systems and solutions, for various industries, with our trained service & technical engineers. Contact us today for the highest quality products and service.

Types of Flexible Conduits

Our range of top-quality Swiss products includes over 6,500 variations. Giving you the cable protection required for railway, mechanical engineering, mining equipment, shipbuilding applications, and more. As the solution of choice for automation projects, where power & data cables require dependable protection, examples of our range include:

  • Metal conduit - for cold impact resistance & high temperatures
  • Flexible metal conduit - favourable for flammable classifications
  • Conduit connectors - in metal thread or polymer threads

For more information on anything related to flexible metal tubing, order a free catalogue online.


Conduit Specifications

With more than 30 flex conduit types, our range are for technically demanding applications & special requirements. For example, the PA12 is highly UV resistant and halogen-free. Varying from 6mm to 125mm diameters and from lightweight to heavy duty, learn more about each product by downloading the PMA Conduit data sheet.

Speak to the Experts

Find out which flexible conduit connector or polyamide flexible conduit you need, by speaking to your local Treotham team. We can assist you with all things related to conduit flexible protection.

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