Flexible Cable Track

Commonly referred to as a power chain, drag chain, cable chain, cat track, cable carrier, or energy chain, a flexible cable track secures the supply of energy and data to mobile consumer equipment. As a leading supplier for these high quality components to industrial markets, Treotham are experienced in providing innovative solutions & expert advice.


Flexible Cable Track - Energy Chains


Cable Track Applications

Each flexible cable track (energy chain) is suitable for various universal applications, including:

  • Motion & travel of cables within all types of environmental & climate conditions
  • Guidance of sensitive bus & data cables, similar to electric, gas, air and liquid hose guidance
  • Long-lasting operation under highly dynamic loads & heavy-duty environments

For more information on the applications of our energy chains, read the Energy Chain brochure. Our range of energy chains includes vertical solutions, robotic & 3D movement, circular movement, and more.

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