Flat Power Cable

Flat cables are great for environments that require small bending radius’s, a minimum wastage of space and high flexibility. Environments where flat power cables may be used include crane trailing cables, open filed conveyors and shelf service devices.

Types & features of flat power cables

Cicoil flat cables for a range of automation applications flat cables

  • Unshielded cables – available in multi or single conductor configurations, these flat flex cables feature great flexibility for even the most extreme environments.
  • Motion control cables – Shielded flat power cable and signal conductors combined in a single, highly flexible cable with 1, 2 or 3 servo axis versions. These flat power cables feature multiple power ratings for all standard rotary and linear servo motors. And because they feature a durable flat construction, a cable carrier is often not needed.
  • Data and video cables – featuring patented Flexx-Sil jacketing, these flat flex cables have a long life in dynamic, flexing applications, while offering superior durability even in harsh conditions.

Find the right flat cable

Reach out to our team for a comprehensive obligation-free consultation. We could work with you to identify your precise power and flex cable needs, and provide suggestions and recommendations for you to make a more informed choice.

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