Partnering with igus, Treotham have chainfix strain relief systems for use in energy chains and dynamic industrial applications in Australia. Included in our range of energy chains, the chainfix systems are designed for high cable durability and maximum holding force.

Chainfix Specifications

Tested under long-term conditions and rough applications, the chainfix strain relief systems offer a high return on investment. The system includes; clamps, C-profiles, tiewrap plates, clips, strain relief separators, nuggets and blocks. Each of these parameters are suitable for:

  • CFX clamps - high accelerations, loads and other demanding applications
  • Tiewrap plates - medium acceleration and unsupported machinery applications
  • Clips for C-profiles - medium acceleration with cables over one another or identical diameter
  • Nuggets - medium acceleration in rigid linings (e.g. cabinets)
  • Strain relief separators - medium acceleration for smaller cable diameters & e-tubes
  • CFB connector system - high accelerations and loads

For more information and detailed specifications, download the Chainfix Strain Relief PDF document, or order a free catalogue online (select Chainflex Energy Chain Cables).

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