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Because we offer a large range of cable trackers, we can find a suitable cable carrier train solution for most applications.

In this article, we list some of the different types of cable carriers we offer to assist you in determining what cable carrier chain may be suitable for your requirements.

Treotham Automation has been in operation for over 25 years and is a leader in the supply of industrial automation components and products.

We have warehouses based in major cities throughout Australia and a fully equipped workshop that enables our team of experts to tailor solutions to meet specific application requirements. 

Find out more about our cable carrier tracks below. triflex

What are Cable Carriers Used For?

Cable carrier chains (also referred to as energy chains) are used for securing the supply of energy and data to moving parts of machines or structures.

Cable carrier chains help to keep cables in position, protect them from over-bending, abrasion and snagging. 

Types Of Cable Carrier Tracks

Our range of cable carrier tracks includes a wide variety of cable carriers types including: 

  • Vertical (ideal for space-saving and high fill weights)
  • Zig-zag configurations (suitable for high fill weights, heavy loads and heights over 20m)
  • Triflex® R (R for "round") 3-axis and 6-axis (suitable for robotic applications, harsh industrial environments, large welding robots and small pallet robots)
  • Twisterchain® (circular movements)
  • Modular one-piece band (suitable for simple applications)
  • Snapchains (suitable for when easy filling, low frequency or low installation costs are required)
  • Zipper cable carrier tracks 

Multiple size options (from micro right up to jumbo) are also available along with different material types.

View the full range of our cable carrier chains.

For detailed technical specifications, download the Cable Carrier Chain Short Form Catalogue.

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