For over 25 years Treotham have been a leading supplier of quality actuator components and products to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Exclusively distributing many international product lines, you can rely on our extensive knowledge and expertise for the best product and professional advice to suit your needs. Our actuators can produce repeatable accurate positioning for various industrial applications.

Actuator Types

Our range of linear actuators cover the smallest and most compact linear units to the biggest and most robust units available. Further specifications of our linear units include:

  • Wide range of ball screw and bell driven units for a variety of guide technologies
  • Designed to work in harsh environments and at high speeds
  • Suitable for high precision systems
  • Optimal balance for performance, longevity and value-for-money

We also have a range of chainflex sensor / actuator cables for energy chains and bending radii. With various approvals, conformities and connectors available, talk to your local Treotham team for personalised advice.


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For more information on any of our sensors and actuators, order a free catalogue or enquire online.

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