Cost effective solution for simple adjustments

For light tasks, for example the movement of bottles in a beverage machine, mechanical engineers often need a linear guide which is simple and space-saving. After all, high loads, high speeds nor high positioning accuracy are required. With many solutions available in the market being over-sized, manufacturers have the choice either to pay for features and functions they do not need or to develop their own time-consuming alternatives.

The new drylin ZLW eco lubrication-free toothed belt drive axes from igus makes simple positioning and adjustment tasks extremely efficient and, above all, cost-effective. The carriage and shaft end supports are produced by injection moulding, which is more cost-effective in large series compared to the more time-consuming production of metal components.

With it's compact design, quiet operation and light weight due to it's aluminium and plastic construction, the ZLW Eco is the perfect alternative to self-made solutions.

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

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Low-backlash planetary gearheads further optimised
The new SP+ and TP+ low-backlash planetary gearheads from WITTENSTEIN alpha now offer higher output torques and maximum speeds with a larger range of ratios. Their increased power density enables optimal utilisation of the motor’s capacity and hence even more dynamic processes. The outcome: shorter machine cycle times and higher productivity. The expected life can also now be taken into account for the first time when designing the gearheads. This customising option creates a unique selling point for the gearheads. 
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Precision which requires no reflector from Wenglor
For the first time ever with its P1MM001 reflex light barrier, Wenglor is presenting an optical reflex light barrier which functions without a reflector. By simply pressing a key, it detects any object located between itself and any defined background. It makes use of a unique functional principle to this end, where it can even detect transparent objects without a reflector. An intelligent function for dynamic readjustment of the switching threshold that offsets external interference factors provides additional process reliability.
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No chance of getting locked in with new safety switch
The CTP‑BI is based on the proven principle of the safety switch CTP and has an additional bistable locking function. In normal operation the guard locking is controlled via an input signal. When the operating voltage is switched off, the guard locking is maintained in its current position. This means that the safeguarded door remains either locked or unlocked, regardless of locking principle, until power is reapplied. This provides an additional measure of prevention of an individual becoming accidentally locked inside a guard locked door.
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