Cables and wires for wind power plants

We can offer you the best solution for any application in a wind power plant! With our extensive Helukabel range, we can provide everything from cables and twisted cables, to data and network technology as well as accessories.

We supply cables for:
  • Gondola - Cables with increased oil and heat resistance
  • Loop - Twistable cables can withstand 18,000 torison cycles
  • Tower - Flexible aluminium, as well as copper cables and optimal fibres
The range fulfils all requirements for offshore applications, high fire tests and international approvals according to UL, CSA, FT4, CE, VDE and WTTC.

Feel free to give us a call and we can advise you on the best products for your specific application.

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

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Lubrication-free drylin W bearing with spring preload
The igus drylin W single-bearing housings have a constant degree of spring preloading and are configurable with four possible spring strengths. They are for exact re-positioning and are suitable for single and double rails in sizes 10,16 and 20. They feature a quiet and smooth operation, and are suitable for vibration-intensive applications and rough environments. They are typically used for camera sliders, adjustment mechanisms for protective covers and extractor unit covers, and manual positioning devices.
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World's first hygienic plastic energy chain from igus
The hygienic e-chain features an open design making it extremely easy to clean. As it has round corners and no threaded connections, dead spaces and germ formation are avoided. The blue material, typical for the food industry, is FDA compliant and highly resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals. The energy chain can be used wherever hygiene requirements are very high and cables and hoses have to be guided safely and securely. It is typically used for packaging, and food and beverage/filling machines.
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New PMA conduit fixation for rail vehicles
The two-part BGP-3x48 conduit clamps were designed for demanding applications on rail vehicles and heavy machine building. They are easy to install thanks to the locating pins and retention clips, and are compatible with both course and fine profile conduits, including PMAFLEX, PMAFLEX Pro and PMA Smart Line conduits. The conduits can rotate within the fixation preventing torsion stresses. They have a very high impact resistance, as well as excellent chemical properties and resistance to UV and weathering.
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