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Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to inform you that we are taking additional measures to keep our staff safe, with minimal disruptions to our supply chain.

At this stage, business is going on as usual, and our staff are working hard to make sure you get your orders on time. Following government guidelines, many of our staff who can, are now working from home. Our system is set up so that most staff can work remotely, and any calls you make to the office can be directly transferred to them.

Le us know if you would like to set up a video meeting to discuss your project and show us how we can help you.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy, and we look forward to getting through this together, with minimal disruptions.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Motion plastics in the bulk handling industry - can handle all weather conditions, are compact, space saving and can travel up to 800m in distance.
Polymer rollers assist igus hybrid linear system
In order to move doors, monitors or even panels, users rely on lateral installation of the linear systems. To enable the linear guides to absorb these lateral forces better, igus has now developed a new hybrid linear system. Two hybrid bearings provide low-friction adjustment with polymer rollers and tribo-polymer slide elements. Combined with an easily fit rail adapted to the new roller bearings, we offer a cost-effective and visually appealing complete solution. In the packaging industry, furniture technology or even in machine tools: drylin linear guides can be found wherever movement is required. On tribologically optimised liners, the linear carriages slide on the rail, ensuring precise and long-lasting adjustment. If a low driving force is required for manual adjustments, rollers are used in the bearing element. Read more
TSS grommets for LED lights from TST
Almost all manufacturers of luminaires have LED lights in their portfolio or have completely switched to using LED’s.  LED’s are of course much more energy efficient compared to the older fluorescent lights and light bulbs, but they are also more sensitive to certain substances.  It is important to avoid Sulphur, as it can have an adverse effect on the LED (free Sulphur might react with the silver (Ag) in the LED and shorten the lifespan of the LED. The TSS grommet by TST is manufactured in TPE and is highly recommended for manufacturers of luminaires, as sulphur is not a component that is intentionally added in the raw-material production process nor is it expected to be generated during the product manufacturing process. Read more
New HNM ilme inserts: 10,000 times durable
The HNM – High Number of Matings series from ilme is enriched with the combined inserts RX 12/2, a perfect solution for the automation sector, especially for test benches, three-phase AC induction motors and automatic tool changers (ATC) thanks to its outstanding durability which guarantees up to 10,000 mating cycles with dedicated enclosures.
The main features include crimp connection, great resistance to strong vibrations and special antifriction lubrication treatment. They have 12 poles 40 A and 690 V + 2 auxiliary poles 10 A and 250 V.  
Read more
Energy chains vs. motor cable drums
Whenever design engineers have to guide hoses and power and data cables in moving applications with long travels (more than 100 metres), the question arises of which energy supply system is the most efficient, especially considering such factors as reliability, maintainability, and future security? A motor cable drum? Or an energy chain? Read more to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems when it comes to installation space and weight, assembly, cable protection, wear and maintenance, combinability and extendability, compatibility with industry 4.0, and operation and speed. Read more
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