Next generation of intelligent cable

With the experience of customers in the automotive and machine tool industries, Igus has further advanced its intelligent cable with the new CF.Q module, making maintenance easier and more efficient, thereby saving money.

With the CF.Q sensor, the electrical properties can be tested in real-time and continuously compared with existing empirical values of a given chainflex cable. Damage by bending or extreme loads can be reliably detected, and guide values for the cables can be defined in advance. This is made possible by an industry 4.0 capable application called isense-online. If the CF.Q module is installed, you will be informed to initiate maintenance when fluctuations are detected. This is done before the damage occurs and the production or plant shutdowns become a risk.

For maintenance teams and production managers, intelligent igus cables are bringing in a paradigm shift in maintenance and servicing through accurate prediction. Thanks to Industry 4.0 and the active integration of smart technologies, the maintenance of the future becomes predictable and thus more efficient. 

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Pre-assembled e-chain system ensures a fail-safe energy supply at the Memorial Bridge in New Hampshire, USA.
Clean guidance: New igus liner with FDA conformity for linear systems
Linear guide systems ensure the precise and quick adjustment of machines in the food and beverage industry. Integrated, maintenance-free and wear-resistant liners used in carriages enable the linear guides to glide without lubrication. Igus has now developed an FDA compliant liner made from the high-performance plastic iglidur A160, which is particularly suitable for the special hygienic requirements of the food industry. It offers a long service life on FDA compliant stainless steel shafts and in wet areas. It is impervious to contamination thanks to the integrated dirt channels, and is easy to clean and replace. 
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Flexibility and cleanability for the food and beverage industry
PMA conduit protects cables against mechanical and other environmental factors - a critical function in sectors with strict requirements on hygiene and cleanliness.To meet the stringent demands for rapid and effective washdown, the JFBD conduit incorporates an overextruded non-porous smooth jacket, delivering optimal cleanability and resistance to aggressive chemicals to ECOLAB standards. For a cost-effective solution, the conduit is available with the new JKNH FDA compliant nylon fitting for excellent chemical resistance and quick installation, or the JENQ stainless steel fitting for the highest hygienic demands.
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Treotham sponsors Artemis robotics team with linear slides and e-chain
ARTEMIS, an all-girls robotics team from Abbotsleigh Senior School in Sydney, has students competing in both the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). This year's FRC game Power Up was based around robots delivering cubes to different areas on the field to score points. ARTEMIS's robot has a pneumatic controlled gripper intake with compliant wheels and a two-stage elevator that could lift the cubes to well over 2 metres. To build the elevator, we provided 4 lengths of drylin W slides and carriages, as well as e-chain for a successful cable management solution.
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