Programmable safety light curtain with integrated muting functions

The new SAFEGATE type 4 range of safety light curtains from Reer are the perfect solution for the protection of a large number of high-risk industrial applications, particularly those requiring a high level of integration of muting functions.
Safegate guarantees the integration of the muting sensors that can be connected directly to the safety light curtain. It is the most flexible muting integrated barrier on the market, offering a unique range covering all muting applications. 
The hardware configurable models SM and SMO allow configuration of the muting logic and functional parameters via the main connector wiring, whereas the programmable model's SMPO functional parameters are configured via the Safegate Configuration Software (SCS).

Reer also offer a vast range of accessories including special mounting brackets and floor mounting columns.

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Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

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Low cost and easy to configure industrial robots from igus
In addition to complete robotic arms with an optimised design for even more freedom of movement, higher stability and loads of up to 8 kilograms, igus has now released the 'robolink designer', a quick and easy to use online configuration tool. Igus offers cost-effective components made of lubrication and maintenance free plastics, so that users can assemble their systems individually from joints using a wide variety of gears, motors and connecting elements. 
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PMA Ex system for protection in hazardous areas
The PMA-Ex system offers products for the protection of cables, wires and hoses against not only mechanical damage but also the influences of UV rays, weathering and chemicals. The conduits are made of specially modified, load discharging polyamide for use in explosion endangered zones 1/2 (gas) and 21/22 (dust). The flexible conduits are quick and easy to install, reducing installation costs compared to other explosion-proof cable protection systems.
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Data cables for the smallest bend radii in moving applications
The latest edition of igus chainflex data cables feature a new alloy conductor and a halogen-free TPE outer jacket, making them suitable for the smallest bend radii down to 4xd with over 40 million strokes. The high-performance conductor alloy is the solution for highly dynamic, fast applications with small radii from 15mm. The new chainflex series CF298 (unshielded) and CF299 (shielded) are a unique cable series for extremely heavy duty and tough environments at the smallest radii.
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