Gripping automation: Cost-effective delta robot as a construction kit

We would like to introduce you to the new delta robot: grips easily, cost-effectively and quickly! Igus has now developed a new and easy automation solution for assembly tasks. 

The robot is based on three maintenance-free drylin ZLW toothed belt axes, lubrication-free igubal coupling bars and matching adapter plates. NEMA stepper motors and encoders ensure the quick handling of up to 1 kilogram with a precision of ± 0.5 millimetres. The complete system has an installation space of up to 420 millimetres in diameter and can carry up to five kilograms at low speeds. The lightweight construction with aluminium and plastic makes the delta robot extremely cost-effective and provides high speeds with a pick rate of at least 60 per minute.
Depending on your requirements, the new delta robot can be delivered as a pre-assembled construction kit with assembly instructions, or as a ready-to-install system in a transport frame.  

Kind regards,

Mikael Paltoft
Managing Director
Treotham Automation Pty Ltd

Maintenance-free and lubrication-free linear guides
Our range of igus drylin linear guides are based on the principle of "gliding instead of rolling". Unlike the recirculating ball systems, drylin linear guides run on sliding elements made of high-performance polymers and achieve the best wear rates and coefficients of friction. This principle allows a lubrication and maintenance free dry operation making them insensitive to influences such as dirt, water, chemicals, heat or impacts. As a result, maintenance times are significantly reduced and costs incurred by process stoppages are saved.
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MIXO Gigabit: sturdy connection for high-speed needs
The Ilme MIXO Gigabit is a robust and compact modular connector unit for special applications. As it complies with the Cat. 6A requirements (high speed data transmission), the MIXO gigabit is the ideal data connecting solution for sectors such as railway, wind, energy and other harsh industrial environments. The open connector system provides versatile configuration, giving you the freedom to custom assemble your connector from a range of almost 40 modules for electrical power, data transmission, optical signs or air. Click below to see how it works.
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New software eliminates complex programming work
More and more industrial users are discovering the enormous potential of three-dimensional and software-aided object measurement. Where 3D profile measurement is concerned, Wenglor has been demonstrating high levels of expertise for decades. The VisionApp 360 software makes it possible to combine individual output values (point clouds) from up to 16 sensors into a coordinate system. Comprehensive 360° images and recordings of 3D profiles can thus be implemented without any programming knowledge, for a simple configuration.
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