The Reer Admiral AX-LR Long Range safety light system from Treotham Automation is designed for the protection of workers up to 60m away in a range of industrial applications.

The Admiral AX LR has two safe PNP static outputs and can work without any external control unit, having all the safety functions integrated inside the emitter and the receiver.

It complies with the requirements of the European Standard EN 61496-1 and the International Standard IEC 61496-1-2 and also integrates the start/restart interlock function as well as providing External Device Monitoring (EDM).

The Reer Admiral AX-LR features include:

•                  Easy connection and installation, thanks to the M12 connectors and the use of standard cables

•                  Integration of the main safety functions, including self-monitoring of the safety circuits and for the AX models, the external device monitoring (EDM) and the Start / Restart interlock functions

•                  Reliability in the field, thanks to the rugged construction and to the high level of immunity to external interference (optical, EMC, etc.).

•                  Master / Slave models for cascade connection of two light curtains & models with floating blanking, and the widest variety of heights and resolutions.

•                  Special versions in WT/WTH watertight enclosure available on request.

•                  Special models in conformity with the “ATEX Directive” 94/9/CE – Dust Zone 22 - Gas Zone 2 available on request

•                  Admiral light curtains may be connected to the dedicated safety interfaces series AD SR, or directly to contactors actuated and controlled by the light curtain, or to MOSAIC or to suitable commercial safety modules or safety PLCs.

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