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A spring full of motion? plastics!
We are dedicating this newsletter to the machine tool industry.

Whether dirt-resistant linear guides for machine guard doors, drive cables of different qualities in accordance with 24 manufacturers' standards or complete energy chain systems that minimise installation times and logistics – igus® motion plastics® has solutions for the most varied applications in the machine tool industry.

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Enjoy it, find inspiration and enter the world of igus®.
Melissa Paltoft
Marketing Manager
Treotham Automation
"motion" for the machine tool sector

Fascinating applications with motion plastics® and many other ways to reduce costs and improve technical performance: Order the new igus® magazine for the machine tool industry free of charge

Other news items below:
Short installation time and small installation space
Hybrid cable for flexible drilling at high speed
Cost-effective and easy-to-install swarf protection
Ethernet for all data volumes and types of movement
Prototypes, very small batches, special purpose machinery
Know in advance when a component must be replaced – smart plastics
Exceptionally swarf-proof under real ambient conditions
The easy way to open and close machine guard doors
motion plastics® on site
motion plastics® in the machine tool industry
Short installation time and small installation space
In hardly any other branch of industry are short throughput times so important. In its robot-operated machining systems, a machine tool manufacturer uses completely harnessed readychain® energy chain systems from igus® and reduces the installation time from hours to just minutes. Another advantage is that the amount of installation space needed has been considerably reduced.
More on this project (including video)
Hybrid cable for flexible drilling at high speed
Holes are drilled at 60 m per second, even if the components each have different hole patterns. An innovative energy and signal system make this possible. The new one-cable technology combines the power and feedback system in the same chainflex® servo cable. This greatly reduces the cost of materials and commissioning.
More on this project

motion plastics® Innovations for machine tools
Cost-effective and easy-to-install swarf protection
Cost-effective, strong e-tubes with 26, 40 and 75 mm inner heights. Removable lid hinged on both sides. Designed to provide a tight seal, with strong double stop-dogs for high fill weights and unsupported lengths.
More about R2.1 tubes
CH Ethernet
Ethernet for all data volumes and types of movement
From CAT5 to CAT7, a choice of 32 chainflex® Ethernet cables for movement makes it possible to find exactly the right one that gets the job done. To the required length – and without cutting costs, of course. Upon request receive completely harnessed with connectors. With 36 month guarantee.*
More on chainflex® bus cables
Prototypes, very small batches, special purpose machinery
In just two steps get a 3D-printed component – with instant price. Individual component made of lubrication-free and abrasion-resistant iglidur® high-performance plastics. Once the STEP format model has been uploaded, it is checked and then the part is delivered after only 24 hrs.
smart plastics
Know in advance when a component has to be replaced – smart plastics
Avoid unscheduled stoppages with igus® smart plastics. Make it possible to plan maintenance and repairs in advance and avoid machine failures. isense modules and smart plastics products for different needs, e.g. for integration into your own infrastructure.
More on smart plastics

Insights from the igus® lab
RX tube

Exceptionally swarf-proof under real ambient conditions
Swarf penetration test: Different types of tube were exposed to a defined amount of swarf. Only 2.7 g of chips were found in the interior of the RX tube after 251,900 cycles.
Test laboratory for energy chains

Where is igus® hiding?
drylin® W
Open and close machine doors easily
drylin® W hybrid roller bearings: Low force due to the combination of rolling and sliding. Extremely resistant to dirt due to the absence of lubricant. Customised curved rails with matching carriages.

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* Guaranteed for 36 months or 10 million double strokes (for cables of the chainflex® M family up to 5 million double strokes). Whichever comes first. The number of double strokes depends on the type of installation and the cable quality. You will find information about this in our current catalogue, in the data sheets and in the service life calculator at

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