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issue 10/2014 igus®
Complete linear technology solutions available from stock at igus®


Guaranteed delivery by igus® in 24 hours or today* – for its new DryLin® E gantry units. Also new are the retrofittable magnetic crossbars, which hold the energy supply chains in position safely even in circular applications and can be mounted quickly and easily. Discover this new product and six other motion plastics® novelties** presented by igus® at Motek in Stuttgart. View the video here and request for the brochure of the new products.

Surely there is a novelty also for you, which can save you costs and improve your technology.

Please contact us if your product is there, or if you regret the absence of a novelty.

8 novelties** in 3 minutes
8 novelties** in 3 minutes: Tour of the trade fair stand at MOTEK.
View the video here

* Delivery time in 24h or today means the time when the goods are shipped
** and product range extensions
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plastics for longer life® in operation
Reduce costs and improve technology with 1 of more than 1400 "plastics for longer life®" examples
guidelok slimline F
Fast energy supply system for high-performance SRM
In the storage and retrieval units of the Colibri series from Winkel, the lightweight and compact guidelok slimline F Energy Chain System® from igus® is used. It was designed for speeds up to 7 m/s and accelerations up to 10 m/s². Read more

520 more E-Chains® application examples


Brand new plastics for longer life®
Your igus® novelties**
Complete linear technology solutions DryLin® E
Gantries are a combination of several linear axes to implement a multi-dimensional motion. For the most varied tasks, igus® offers line, flat or room gantries. Delivered in 24h or today*.

Click here for all information

Magnetic crossbars for E-Chains® magsnap
Magnets hold the E-Chain® in a specified direction and "fix" them to the metal wall of your SRMs, for example. A swinging out of the E-Chain® is thus reliably avoided.

Click here for all information

Guide to protect the smallest cables e-cord
Secure and flexible guiding of the smallest hoses with the igus® e-cord micro. The predefined radii prevent the kinking of hoses and ensure a smooth process without stoppage of machine. Click here for all information
Cost-effective trapezoidal lead screw nut
DryLin® SD
Lubricant-free and long service life at an attractive price. Trapezoidal lead screw nuts made ​​of iglidur® R are universally applicable and very wear-resistant at low loads. Available online in cylindrical design and also with flange. Click here for all information


the-chain tested
Insights from the igus® lab
Oil test with E-Chains®
Oil test with E-Chains®
Our E-Chains® are exposed to different materials in various applications. In this test we have tested the worst case and let the E-Chain® run over a period of four months through baths with various oils. Click to read the full test report


dry-tech® tested
Insights from the igus® lab

87 times less wear with iglidur® A350
A customer uses PEEK and PTFE plain bearings and would like to increase the service life of his application. The iglidur® materials experts compared the provided bearing with three iglidur® materials and determined the wear rates in a short-stroke test for 168 hours. Click to read the full test report


Where is igus® hiding?
dry-tech® in the cocktail machine
At the press of a button the fully automatic cocktail machine mixes cocktails and long drinks for up to 12 bottles. The bottle in question is moved to the dosing mechanism by turning the carousel. This mechanism is equipped with two iglidur® plain bearings. More



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