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Special wear resistant parts in custom form, desired quantity and required material
"Show me the plastic part that gives you a problem. I'll provide you with a solution!" With this idea, Günter Blase founded igus® over 50 years ago, and it still holds true today: customer-specific series solutions are part of our daily work just like catalogue parts.

Just send us the key requirements or special features of your application. Our experts will suggest a suitable iglidur® material and a suitable manufacturing process.

And that also works for energy chains and cables. Making individual energy supply systems easy is our approach here. The new energy supply assistant simplifies the workflow when designing a complete power supply - from electrical and mechanical design up to purchasing.

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Treotham Automation
Infinite design possibilities with motion plastics®. Request your special wear resistant part made of robust and predictable iglidur® materials without obligation.
Customer-specific motion plastics® in use
From bar stock to a perfectly fitting plain bearing
From bar stock to a perfectly fitting plain bearing
In this application, many requirements came together: high precision, customised bearing shape, easy and silent running, hygienic use without additional lubricant and long service life The mechanical processing of the sleeve, especially the cut-out for the cables, was very problematic as a brass part. With iglidur® bar stock, the customer was offered a cost-effective solution. Find out more
That was the birth of individual motion plastics®
Plastic injection moulding
Individual components made of wear-resistant and maintenance-free iglidur® materials can be produced in quantities of up to X millions. Ideal for mass production. igus® undertakes all steps from the production of the injection mould up to the manufacture of the components.
Make component with plastic injection moulding
Additive manufacturing
Your individual component made of lubrication-free and abrasion-resistant iglidur® high-performance plastics. Simply upload CAD file in STEP format, select material, then order. Best suited for quantities from 1 to 1000.
Having components made in 3D printing
Machining of bar stock
Individual components can also be manufactured from tribo-optimised iglidur® bar stock. Based on your specifications and files, an offer will be prepared and your desired component will be manufactured. Best suited for quantities from 1 to 500.
Having a component turned, milled or drilled
3D printed injection moulding tools
Injection moulds from the 3D printer for your individual component made of abrasion-resistant iglidur® materials. This saves time and costs of up to 80%, since no classic tools are needed. Best suited for quantities from 1 to 500. For quantities up to 10,000 igus® manufactures your individual component with aluminium injection moulds.
Component made from 3D-printed injection mould
Customer-specific energy supply made easy
The igus® energy supply assistant
Easy to configure complete energy supply systems. Thanks to the team function, it is possible to involve all parties in electrical and mechanical design, production and purchasing. Select cables, enter application and environmental parameters, and the Energy Supply Expert Tool will suggest suitable solutions for your individual energy supply.
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Insights from the igus® lab
Customer-specific tests in the motion plastics® laboratory
For one customer, wear on three different preselected iglidur® plain bearings was measured on an igus® test rig. In a first step, it was necessary to find a material similar to the provided shaft.
Read here why iglidur® W300 plain bearings performed best.
Where is igus® hiding?
Operational in dust and dirt for 10 years without fail.
Running coninuously for 24/7 or standing idle for months on end – these are the extreme conditions that the world's longest plastic energy chain has to cope with at the lignite-fired power station in Tušimice, Czech Republic. The roller energy chain has been achieving this for ten years now without missing a beat on the record-breaking travel length of 615 metres.
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motion plastics® on site
Cost down ... Life up: The motion plastics® mission

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