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Little space. Little time. Little money.
Little is becoming a big issue
From Treotham you can obtain the most comprehensive range of igus cables for extremely small bend radii. In this way we are keeping up with the trend towards increasingly compact machines and smaller installation spaces.

Little: miniature e-chains® that can be opened extremely quickly, small linear robots with a height of only 100 mm and compact, low-cost robots for space-saving automation - Buy a ready-made product or build it yourself using the robolink® modular kit - and, of course, at little cost.

At, you can find many "little" solutions. We look forward to your enquiry. We will also be happy to visit you at your premises. Just request an appointment.

Best wishes,
Melissa Paltoft
Marketing Manager
Treotham Automation
chainflex® CF298/299 data cables with a TPE outer jacket for extremely heavy duty applications and with a tiny bend radius of just 4 x d. With 36-month guarantee*. Find out more...
motion plastics® in use
Restricted installation space on a 3D printer with 2 print heads
Very small E2.1 micro series e-chain® guides cables reliably and safely in small spaces. Also: Lubrication-free and dirt-resistant drylin® W guides ensure precise, vibration-free positioning of the two print heads. Find out more

Reduce cost and improve technical performance
520 examples of energy chains® online
550 examples of iglidur® bearings online
Small solutions for small installation spaces
Profinet becomes smaller
The smaller the better
chainflex® CFBUS.LB
NEW: TPE Profinet cable for extremely heavy duty applications and low temperatures down to -35 °C.
chainflex® CFBUS.LB.060 Profinet cable
chainflex® CFSOFT
NEW: The new generation of soft cables for extremely small radii & fast, short strokes.
chainflex® CFSOFT cables (online from 27th of November)
e-chains® become smaller
Plug-in connectors become smaller
e-chain® E2.10
Easy to open, incl. e-chain® opener, quickly assembled, noise minimisation by 3 dB.
E2.10 miniature e-chain®
igus® module connect
NEW: Simply adapt the connectors to the geometry of the cables coming out of the chain.
igus® module connect
Assembly times become shorter
Automation becomes smaller
Reduce the amount of necessary storage space and throughput time by using ready-to-connect, harnessed energy supply systems.
NEW: Build or buy your robot(s): Control system integrated. Without control cabinet. Small, modular and cost-effective.
robolink® robotics construction kit
Linear robots become smaller
Vibrations become smaller
Ready to connect with NEMA17/23 stepper motors with encoder; can be delivered from stock in 24 hrs.
drylin® room linear robot
dryspin® E7
A low-noise, long-lasting, low-vibration product. Lubrication-free and vibration-dampening lead screw nuts for high speeds with low loads.
dryspin® E7 high helix lead screw nuts
Insights from the igus® lab
Little wear: sensational service life of gear wheels made of SLS material
Made of iglidur® I6 and printed with the igus® 3D printing service, using SLS. The high performance plastic developed for gear wheels is especially wear resistant and, in tests, beats machined gear wheels made of common materials such as POM and PBT.
Find out more
No failures: Bus cable withstands more than 24 million strokes
The chainflex® CFBUS.LB.049 bus cable was tested in an e-chain® with a radius of 55 mm. Bus-specific transmission parameters as well as electrical parameters of the cable were monitored. Result: more than 24 million strokes without any failure of bus transmission.
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