igus® smart plastics already being used for the customer's machine
Intelligent igus® cables, e-chains® and linear guides are already being used by numerous customers after they were introduced in April this year. During ongoing operation, they indicate a possible failure in the future – in machine factories, on assembly lines or in engine factories.

We will be happy to integrate our smart plastics into your production system as well. I look forward to talking to you.

Intelligent igus® solutions already being used by customers today: 7 cable projects, 5 e-chain® installations with predictive maintenance in 3 automobile factories, amongst others. Find out more...

motion plastics® in application
Cable capable of being used on rollers thanks to chainflex® braiding in bundles
In order to bring energy and signal cables to the housing of an order picking machine via the moving lifting rack with several guide rollers, design engineers from the company are still using special chainflex® cables. With 25 cores in 5 bundles, the cables have been developed and extensively tested for moving use over a roller. The previously used cables became corkscrewed.
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Reduce costs and improve your equipment
520 examples of e-chains® online
550 examples of iglidur® bearings online
motion plastics® innovations
Replaces several components
As a single-component solution, the profiled guide rollers made of xirodur® B180 replace press-fitted or injection-moulded metallic ball bearings. The polyamide cages are replaced with PA cages that are less susceptible to wear. Cost-effective, lighweight and insensitive to dirt.
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Reliably routing corrugated tubes parallel to an e-chain®
TUB is an addition to our E4.1 modular system. The side sections of the E4.1 outer links have a clip feature that enables clips for corrugated tubes to be easily clipped on. In this way, corrugated tubes can easily be routed parallel to an energy chain®.
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Lubrication-free SLN linear modules with dryspin® technology
For the very first time, the "basic" SLN miniature linear modules can be configured with the efficient dryspin® technology. In four high helix thread sizes up to a feed rate of 25 mm per rotation. The compact modules supported by plain bearings or ball bearings, available with or without motor.
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Brand-new chainflex® website online
Only recently placed online and full of important information on everything to do with "cables for moving applications" such as the chainflex® service life calculator. Also, automatically adjusts the screen size of the viewing device, selection by means of product filter, new online shop.
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igus® Fit Calculator App – it fits
With the igus® Fit Calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate fits and tolerances in accordance with ISO 286. In addition, the maximum and minimum dimensions as well as the associated type of fit are shown.
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Insights from the igus® lab
iglidur® Q
iglidur® Q: Able to cope with high levels of stress even when subjected to the strain of tumbling
In the igus® test laboratory, wear tests with different materials were carried out on a customer's shaft with the goal of finding the best combination of steel shaft and iglidur® material for the customer. Wear during tumbling was tested.
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Single-core motor cables for weight-reduced use in the e-chain®
Due to a special combination of copper and aluminium, the weight of cables with a large cross-section can be reduced by up to 40%. In the largest laboratory for moving cables at igus®, more than 17 million test cycles were performed for testing purposes with a bend factor of 8.5 x d without any failures of the conductor.
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Where is igus® hiding?
Lubrication-free igus® linear axes in automated cocktail mixing machine
With its "CocktailAvenue", a start-up company in Friedrichshafen has invented a completely new way of mixing cocktails: a machine performs this task. This is a new although somewhat exotic area of use for automation technology. Also used: drive systems and energy chains® from igus®.
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manus® 2017 Bearings Award
8th competition for outstanding polymer-bearing applications
In 2017, we are, for the eighth time, looking for industrial polymer-bearing applications that stand out due to their technical and economic efficiency as well as because of the developer's creativity and courage. The aim is to show the technical superiority of plastic machine elements.
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