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Your 2019 wishes | What we already have
We have received over 700 wishes for new products and developments from all over the world. We are grateful for these ideas and are looking at each one to find a solution as quickly as we can. Often there is something that might work already in the motion plastics® modular range.

Industry 4.0 example: Many of your wishes were about smart production & predictive maintenance. While much is talked about these topics, we already offer tested solutions from stock. To find out more read the newsletter.

Greetings from Midrand and we wish you a successful New Year!
Melissa Paltoft
Marketing Manager
Treotham Automation
Predictive maintenance from stock: Proven smart plastics for Industry 4.0

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smart plastics are already in use
Predictive maintenance: intelligent e-chain® monitoring
Up to 6,000 engines a day - but when production is interrupted, it quickly becomes very expensive. Reliable automation components are therefore vital.

An Austrian engine manufacturer relies on smart plastics from igus®. Sensors detect wear during operation and issues an alert immediately as soon as a repair or replacement is required.
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Available smart plastics for Industry 4.0
From stock: iCOM - the data concentrator
Measured values can be imported into an isense product family system. How intelligently the sensor data is processed depends on the choice of system. Currently, igus® offers four options.

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From stock: push/pull forces monitoring EC.P
Force measurement is integrated into the "floating moving end" or mounting bracket of the e-chain®. The system is shutdown when increased push/pull forces occur due to foreign bodies or damaged troughs.

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From stock: e-chains® break detection EC.B
The EC.B break detection sensor minimises further damage in case of chain breakage. The sensor can detect breakage of a chain link caused by parts or debris falling into the system.

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smart plastics
Available 24/7: smart plastics on
The various options for system integration, videos, application examples and, of course, all smart plastics products including intelligent cables, linear guides and slewing ring bearings can be found at
Prototype: intelligent linear guide
drylin DLW.W
Super fast, predictable maintenance
With drylin® DLW.W, the linear guide becomes compatible with Industry 4.0. The time of replacement of the element is measured with the conductor material integrated in the liners. Transmission interval can be individually adjusted. This can be done easily directly on the shaft without disassembly of the whole system.

Expected to be available from April 2019.
Tested! More than just big data.
igus Testlabor
Data for predictive maintenance needs more than just big data. To get correct conclusions and recommendations for action from sensor data, we used empirical values from our test database.

For this purpose, we operate the largest test laboratory in our industrial sector. The heart of our igus® innovation beats there.

More about the test laboratory
Where is igus® hiding?
... in a data glove
This data glove is used in a virtual sailing application. The problem: the sensors are exposed to heavy loads and unintentionally issued motion signals during sideways movement. The e-chains® with an internal height of only 5 mm ...

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