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Moving energy and lubrication-free made easy…
…cost-effective, reliable and quickly delivered
90,000 e-chains®, 1,354 chainflex® cables, 4,200 drive cables in line with 24 manufacturers standards: a huge selection for optimum energy supply on your premises.

To make choosing your cable easier, igus® offers easy-to-use online services such as the readycable® drive cable finder: with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can find the most cost-effective drive cable that is guaranteed to last for 3 years in your application*.

For plain bearings you can calculate the life span even depending on the shaft material.

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Find and configure ready-to-connect cables that are guaranteed to last for 3 years in your application, then calculate prices and service life, compare with other cables and order as required. readycable® drive cable finder
Moving energy made easy in practice
Acceleration up to 10 m/s but simultaneously quiet operation
In this modular linear robot system, crankcases are transported from one machining station to the next. As regards the energy supply system needed, "fast" and quiet energy chains are exactly what is called for. This is done very simply: "We pass the necessary design data on to igus®, where the e-chain® is planned, manufactured, fitted with the relevant components, harnessed and then delivered ready to install."
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Moving energy made easy: small installation spaces
E2.1 micro energy chains for virtually all simple applications in small installation spaces: inner height of up to 15 mm. Including chain opener that makes it possible to fill the e-chain® extremely quickly. Chain link (E2.
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chainflex® control cables

Matching control cables up to 4 x d
chainflex® control cables for very small radii, UV-resistant, flame-retardant and halogen-free. Predictable service life. 36-month guarantee*. Available from stock.

Tested: e.g. CF5.10.25 control cable withstands 42 million strokes. Test report
All cables in the chainflex® webshop

Calculate service life depending on the shaft
iglidur® Experte
Service life calculator for polymer plain bearings: After entering the technical parameters, you can compare the service life and prices in relation to the shaft material. This is an easy and uncomplicated way to find the most cost-effective bearings for your shaft that are lubrication-free and functionally efficient. And with just one further click of the mouse, you can then submit your order.

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Lubrication-free made easy: calculated quickly
iglidur® G
iglidur® G - a material suitable for virtually all applications
More than 650 dimensions from stock, high wear resistance, resistant to dust and dirt, cost-effective, lubrication-free and maintenance-free. Service life can be calculated in advance in relation to the type of shaft. Ready to ship in as little as 24 hrs
iglidur® G plain bearings in the webshop
Find the best shaft with our calculator
In the iglidur® expert, you can calculate the foreseeable service life in relation to the shaft material. The optimum operating partners can be compared and ordered with a further click of the mouse.
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Try out the e-chain® E2.1 series yourself
e-kette® Serie E2.1
Order a free sample
Fit components on the inner and outer radius within seconds with the practical opening tool or a screwdriver – Just one advantage of the e-chain® E2.1 series.

Find out the advantages for yourself by trying out a free sample.

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Where is igus® hiding?
Measuring system cables for large machining centres
In this machining centre for milling, vertical lathing and grinding machines, energy chains, chainflex® cables and harnessed readychain® energy supply systems are used. "Cables and connectors must be robust and satisfy the mechanical, electrical and chemical requirements", says Thomas Bischoff from the Electrical Design Department.
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