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The entire range of lubrication-free plastic solutions for movement can be of interest for many employees – flexible and without any travel costs.

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New fail-safe, maintenance-free e-chains® and cables from igus® or save 40% costs and increase service life with motion plastics® – displayed at your premises, indoor or outdoors.
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Energy supply systems for positioning systems
6/10 kV motor cable ... PUR ... from stock
e-tube R4.1L also as HT-Version up to +850ºC
First iglidur® 3D-print material for food technology
New GRP linear guides
e-chain® series E6.1 is extremely quiet
Change of friction over time
News from the chainflex® test lab
motion plastics® on site
motion plastics® in use
Low vibration, low noise and low wear
Smartphones are booming everywhere. The heart of mobile power packs are printed circuit boards or cards. The high-precision machining process is performed reliably by means of sophisticated positioning systems. Industrially harnessed E6 series energy supply systems ensure the required smoothness, low vibration and low abrasion in the long-term.
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Reduce costs and improve your technology
520 examples for e-chains® online
550 examples for iglidur® plain bearings online
motion plastics® innovations
6/10 kV motor cable ... PUR ... from stock
Medium-voltage cable chainflex® CFCRANE.PUR especially for the moving application in e-chains®. For the highest demands and small radii down to 10xd for indoor and outdoor applications, UV-resistant. Especially for very long travels up to 1,000m. 36 month guarantee.*
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e-tube R4.1L now also as HT version up to +850ºC
Up to +850°C hot chips cannot stick. Due to the enclosed design, the cable-friendly tubes are very suitable for applications in the machine tool industry, even directly in the machining area.
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First iglidur® 3D-print material for the food industry
The 3D-print material iglidur® I150 has now been approved according to the EU Regulation 10/2011 for food contact. Now you can print by yourself special parts for moving applications that are in direct contact with food or even cosmetics.
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Guides made of GRP expand drylin® W modular system for linear technology
The glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) offers many advantages: low weight, very high media resistance, non-magnetic and very cost-effective. This new linear guide made of GRP is 20 percent lighter than aluminium and 70 percent lighter than steel.
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Insights from the igus® lab

Extremely low noise: Series E6.1 from 32 db (A) in motion
The noise level of machines has become increasingly important in many industries. e-chains® are also selected taking this aspect into account. igus® has tested which e-chains® from the E6.29 and E61.29 series are the most suitable for noise-sensitive applications.
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How does friction change over time?
In the igus® laboratories it was found that the friction hardly change over time for iglidur® plain bearings. Metallic rolled bearings were tested for comparison. Due to the thin gliding layer on the surface of the metal bearings, friction and wear increase as soon as it is worn.
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motion plastics® video of the month
News from the chainflex® test lab
Rainer Rössel, head of the chainflex® cables division, presents the latest developments in the field of cables for moving applications. In the igus® laboratory and at the SPS IPC Drive trade fair.
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