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... Using the robot intelligently and sliding around the curve …
an intelligent energy chain® that indicates a possible failure during ongoing operation, the first plastic strain wave gear in our low-cost modular robot system, a linear guide that goes round the curve. These are your igus® highlights in 2016. This is shown by your visits to our trade fairs and our website. And best of all – the products are already being used by customers.

We thank you sincerely for your cooperation this year. Talk to us or write to us about your motion plastics® wishes for 2017.

We hope you bring the year to a successful conclusion and have an enjoyable Christmas break.

Intelligently round the curve with the robot ... possible when three igus® innovations from 2016 are combined with each other.

Your motion plastics® highlights 2016*
* The sequence is based on the overall evaluations of your clicks and trade fair enquiries.
smart plastics
Industry 4.0 – predictive maintenance
smart plastics increase fail safety
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Building low-cost robots
robolink® is the large modular system for low-cost robotics
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drylin® W
Round the curve with the carriage
Design freedom with lubrication-free drylin® W carriage for curved rails
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drylin® W
Pretensioned guide
When constant driving forces are required
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Injection- moulding tools from the 3D printer
Make tools quickly & at low cost
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dryve motor control
Online motor control system from igus® for your linear guide
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Hygienic Design
World's first Hygienic Design e-chain®
Designed according to "Hygienic Design guidelines"
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drylin® W
drylin® W linear system
For maximum design freedom
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Printed and resistant to chemicals
Now available as filament, in addition to injection-moulded parts
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iglidur® L350
New material for blowers, fans and motors
Fast, lubrication-free and cost-effective
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Turning in a very small space
CRM - compact rotary module - You choose your cables
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iglidur® HSD350
All-rounder that can be sterilised with steam
iglidur® HSD350 enables continuous use in applications where hygiene is essential
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Your wishes for 2017
Your innovation wishes for 2017
This year, we are once again asking you about your wishes for next year: What products do you need? What services do you want us to provide? How can we improve ourselves?

We look forward to hearing about your wishes for innovations in the new year.
motion plastics® in the snow
drylin® W
Moving smoothly to the starting position
This sliding seat makes it easier to get into the starting position. Previously, ski jumpers had to sit on a wooden beam to slide into the middle of the starting ramp of the ski jump. Now, they sit on the sliding seat at the edge of the ski jump and slide into the starting position by simply shifting their weight.
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Ice-cold solution
This shock freezer can defrost automatically. For this, however, you need an air hose and numerous cables, which have to be safely routed inside your installation. The optimum solution is the frost-resistant e-chain® from igus®.
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Safe on the mountain side with motion plastics®
In Atomic's new ski boot, iglidur® bearings ensure the necessary manoeuvrability. With maximum manoeuvrability and a very high action radius of 74°, there is hardly any noticeable friction. Maintenance-free and lubrication-free igus® bearings for the main joints at the ankles are the secret behind this.
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Lower costs and improve technical performance
520 examples of e-chains® online
550 examples of iglidur® bearings online
Free samples** Your trade fair machine
** Talk to your igus® sales engineer locally about the scope of your customised package.
motion plastics®
Make a start to 2017 now with our low-cost innovative solutions
We help you to design your trade fair machine and make appropriate plans and, at the same time, provide you with motion plastics® samples** free of charge. With our motion plastics® products, you can improve the technical performance of your machine and lower your costs as well.
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