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Issue 8/2014 igus®
Moving energy and lubricant-free bearings made easy
Save weight with particularly lightweight E-Chains® and plain bearings from igus®

engineers always strive to make their machines better; frequently this relates to speed and thriftiness. Weight plays an important role in this regard.

In this newsletter, learn about the highly dynamic Energy Chain® from igus® - the E4.1 light - 30% lighter than E-Chain® Series E4.1.

Find out more about our iglidur® plain bearings, which are lighter than corresponding metal solutions by a factor of 7.

The right solution to your weight problem is certain to be among them.

Enjoy reading and collecting ideas!
E4.1 light
Plastic Energy Chain® E4.1 light: Save 30% weight.*

The weight of a DU bearing corresponds to the weight of seven iglidur® plain bearings.
* in comparison to E-Chain® Series E4.1
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plastics for longer life® in applications
Reduce costs and improve technology with 1 of more than 1,200 "plastics for longer life®" examples
plastic Energy Chains®
Lightweight igus® plastic Energy Chains® replace steel versions.
Four times longer service life with lightweight plastic Energy Chains®

The Kronopol operation initially fitted three wood processing machines with Energy Chains® made of steel. "These Energy Chains® only lasted six months, however," reports Grzegorz Szer, head of the electrical department at Kronopol. The heavy steel chains were finally replaced by unsupported plastic Energy Chains® from igus®. "Despite tough environmental conditions, the solution with plastic has already lasted 24 months without a single failure." Continue reading ...

300 more E-Chain® application examples


Brand new plastics for longer life®
Your igus® novelties**
30% lighter* and highly dynamic - E-Chain® E4.1 light
E4.1 light
30% lower weight.*
The lighweight igus® E4 standards, Series E4.31L, E4.38L and E4.48L now with more widths and bending radii. The matching tube product range for this series was also expanded. New separators with detents also complete the accessory product range. 30% lighter than E-Chain® Series E4.1. More information here
Super lightweight and super cost-effective - DryLin® linear module SHTP drylin® SHTP
Completely lubricant-free and super light.
By rigorously employing plastics and aluminium in the DryLin® linear lead screw module SHTP, the new installation size 10 is one of the world's lightest lead screw modules. Ideal for multi-carriage solutions. More information here
7x lighter than metal - iglidur® plain bearing W360
iglidur® W360
Highly wear-resistant and 7x lighter.
The new iglidur® material combines outstanding endurance properties with high temperature resistance, reduced moisture absorption and good price/performance ratio – a true allrounder in endurance applications.  More information here
Lighter than paper - updated WebGuide app
Full text search to find products even faster.
The WebGuide as catalogue for catalogues to simplify finding the matching igus® product, as interactive app for mobile end-user devices such as iPad. Now updated with new products for an even greater selection.  More information here


the-chain tested
Insights from the igus® lab
igus® lab
Load test in the igus® lab.
21.25% lighter E-Chain® with more than 63% less sag

It is 21.25% lighter, but does that also make it less stable? igus® compared a newly developed E-Chain® in the lab with the predecessor E-Chain®. For a period of four days, both Energy Chains® were loaded with a weight of 1.6 kg in an unsupported manner. Result: at 18 mm, the new development has 63% less sag. Read the entire test report here


dry-tech® tested
Insights from the igus® lab
igus® lab
Customer-specific test setup: Wear comparison iglidur® H1 vs. metallic composite bearings.
Lightweight iglidur® H1 plain bearings - more than four times less wear than metallic composite bearings

A customer asked the igus® lab to compare the wear between metal composite bearings and iglidur® H1 plain bearings. A purpose-built test setup emulated the customer application - the door hinge on an ambulance. After about 500,000 cycles, the iglidur® plain bearings exhibited more than four times less wear. Read the entire test report here


Where is igus® hiding? e-chain®
Every gram counts.
Lightweight E-Chain® in a helicopter
Aerospace engineers are primarily concerned with the weight of installed components. This vector® submission reduced the weight of a Series 2828 igus® E-Chain® by 628 grams by replacing the separators. Instead of the previously used 16 separators, the chain now only uses 8. The substitution had no negative impact on any other E-Chain® properties. Read more here

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