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... how we injection-mould to replace your wearing metal part from a 3D printed tool on the very same day

For the first wearing metal part that you bring to our stand any morning of the trade fair, we will print a tool and injection-mould this part on the very same day using modern Tribo material - live on our exhibition stand.

Due to the restricted availability of machines there, the offer only applies to simple components without undercutting with a volume of up to 4.5 cm³ and a size of up to 30 x 60 mm.

motion? plastics!
166 motion plastics® innovations* at the igus® stand (H04 / Hall 17)

We look forward to your visit and your reactions.

3D print

The 1st wearing part that is brought to us in the morning will be injection-moulded by us the same day from a 3D-printed tool, using an iglidur® Tribo material - Everything live on the igus® exhibition stand.

igus® at Hannover Messe
24.04. – 28.04.2017
Hall 17, Stand H04

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NO igus® stand party at Hannover Messe 2017
In spite of the joint efforts of Deutsche Messe AG and igus®, the igus® stand party has had to be cancelled this year. Unfortunately, the adaptations made necessary by restrictions imposed as a result of legislation relating to events make a stand party with the usual amenities and services provided in the familiar igus® way impossible. We are working with Deutsche Messe AG on a solution for next year. We are looking forward all the more to your visit to our stand to see one of the 166 innovations or enjoy a cool drink.


PS: Come to the igus® stand and receive a bearing-change surprise: The hand spinner incorporating xiros® ball bearings with record operating times.

12 of 166 motion plastics® news highlights* 2017
New: iglidur® G1 plain bearing ... Twice the performance, and still low the price
The most successful plastic bearing in the world iglidur® G now new! The new all-round material with higher temperature-resistance, lower moisture absorption and better friction and wear behaviour at a favourable price.
More information online from 24.4.

New: Reduce assembly and harnessing time by 80%**
E4.1L, the e-chain system® that can be harnessed faster than any other. New kind of separators and revolutionary strain relief elements enable extremely fast assembly and strain relief of extensive bundles of cables on several levels.
More information online from 24.4.

** measured in the igus® harnessing factory
New: The ball-bearing-change website
Largest selection of products from stock – Service life up to 10x longer due to continuous further development – Calculate durability exactly – Order quickly online. Cope with continuous temperatures up to 150 °C and aggressive chemicals, quiet & very smooth operation, without any lubrication and cost-effective – Never has a changeover to plastic ball bearings been so easy. Try it out and order free samples.
More information online from 24.4.
New: Speedy installation on your machine – the ModuleConnect readychain® (prototype) modular connector kit
Based on the simple building-block principle, the new igus® ModuleConnect can be used to configure individual connection points as modules. Each module is fitted with industrial connector inserts and can be set up or removed in one or two steps or with the desired width in line with the filling of your e-chain®.
More information online from 24.4.
New: Robots suitable for industry from 5,000 euros - igus® example of a factory live at the trade fair (ROI 4 months)
Complete robot arms with an optimised design for even more freedom of movement, greater stability and a payload of up to eight kilograms. With 'robolink® Designer', users can configure their robot arms easily and quickly. The CPR low-cost control system for robolink® D robot arms is also new.
More information online from 24.4.
smart plastics
New: Intelligent e-chains® and cables
Now with system modules – easier to install
New travelling EC.M module for isense family of products. It automatically collects data on the status of the e-chain system® such as speed, cycles and ambient temperature, and monitors the remaining service life of the e-chains® and cables.
More information online from 24.4.
3D Print

New: From heat to high loads – Injection-moulded wear resistant parts in 2 to 5 days made of 50 iglidur® materials
Injection-moulded parts for prototypes or small series in just a few days and with extremely low tool costs – due to printed tools (rapid tooling). Now with all Tribo materials from the iglidur® product range
More information online from 24.4.

Printing the tool - Injection-moulding the parts - Everything live on the igus® stand.

New: High-end Ethernet cable up to CAT6 for extremely small radii and areas of high stress levels
chainflex® CFBUS.LB abrasion-resistant Ethernet cable with TPE outer jacket for radii up to 7.5 x d. Almost completely oil-resistant and suitable for unsupported and sliding movement at temperatures down to -35 °C. With a 36 month guarantee.***
More information online from 24.4.
New: Individually configure linear tables online – Delivered extremely quickly
The new configurator for linear lifting tables can configure, perform calculations and simulate, thus setting new stands for industrial configurators. It also makes the relevant 3D data available and supplies drawings for downloading as PDF files – Delivery time, weight and price are all shown.
More information online from 24.4.
New: Largest modular kit for lubrication-free linear technology
Change your bearings now – For maximum design freedom. drylin® W linear system expanded further, e.g. pre-loaded and adjustable bearings with aluminium or stainless steel housing.
More information online from 24.4.

iglidur® semi finished
New: Tribo-optimised profiles made of iglidur® materials
Use the advantages and predictability of iglidur® materials now for extruded profiles. Extensive standard product range or solutions individually tailored to your requirements.
More information online from 24.4.
New: Huge range of lead screw units ... Extended further
Service life up to 5 times longer ... 10% greater efficiency**** ... up to 4 times quieter than ball-type lead screw units. The large range of long-lasting, quiet and vibration-free high helix threads now supplemented with 5 new lead screw dimensions and 44 new nut dimensions. Simple select and order in the online shop.
More information online from 24.4.

**** Compared to conventional sliding lead screws
Here you will find the top new products* 2017:
Hall 17, Stand H04

1 igubal® spherical bearings
2 3D print
3 iglidur® plain bearings
4 PRT slewing ring bearings
5 xiros® polymer ball bearings
6 drylin® linear technology

7 e-chain systems®
8 chainflex® cables
9 readycable® drive cables
10 triflex® robotics
11 readychain® industrial harnessing
12 robolink® low-cost robotics

Experience 166 motion plastics® innovations at the igus® stand H04 in Hall 17. We look forward to your visit and your reactions.
Cost down ... Life up: The motion plastics® mission

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* and additions to the product range

*** Guarantee of 36 months or 10 million double strokes (In the case of cables of the chainflex® M family, up to 5 million double strokes).
The number of double strokes depends on the type of installation and the cable quality. This is described in the current catalogue, on the data sheets and in the service life calculator at

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