Safe access with Euchner Electronic Key System EKS from Treotham

Treotham is showcasing its versatile Euchner product for electronic access control and management: the Electronic-Key-System EKS. This transponder-based read/write system has already proven its worth in the packaging machinery industry by preset parameters that provide protection against unauthorised access. The RFID-based EKS features the main advantage of being freely programmable and therefore highly versatile. The Electronic-Key stores the access rights for each employee. A reader scans the data and forwards this information to the control system. Additional uses for the EKS system include controlling specific functions and accessing encrypted process parameters for an installation. What’s more, one system variant is the perfect choice for hygienically sensitive areas in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Another application for the EKS system is functionally safe selection of operating mode, enabling users to select the required operating mode and activate the corresponding safety function.

Maximum safety throughout the packaging process

Treotham’s diverse safety solutions can be perfectly integrated into modular systems to protect people, machines and products in the packaging sector. The Euchner product range comprises guard locking devices and access management systems as well as products such as door detectors, door locking systems and pendant stations. For all of its products, Euchner guarantees exacting quality far exceeding the requirements in standards and laws. Customers can rely on Euchner with over 60 years of safety engineering expertise.

Euchner EKS NZ Manufacturer

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