Cost-effective and lubrication-free mounting of solar panels

Pillow block bearings for square tubes in photovoltaic power plants

Solar plants operate under extreme environmental conditions. Treotham offers dirt-repellent and lubrication-free igus spherical plain bearings that precisely meet these requirements. They impress with their long service life, durability and low costs.

The igus ESQM pillow block bearings enable the mounting of solar panels that are constructed with square tubes of different edge lengths. In many projects, ESQM-110 and ESQM-120 for 110 or 120mm edge length have already proven their worth. Now Treotham also supply ESQM-100 for 100mm edge length.
The cost-effective pillow block bearings are UV-resistant, corrosion-free and particularly resistant to dirt and dust. They also enable alignment compensation, e.g. for unevenness in the substrate. The lightweight bearings are easy to assemble and disassemble, with a split version of housing and spherical balls. The service life as well as the load capacity (also due to high static wind loads) have been successfully tested.

Treotham also supplies igus plain bearings that are suitable for solar tower power plants, parabolic trough power plants or the axis of rotation for panel adjustments, as well as energy chains with a defined torsional stop and minimum bend radius. With more than 17 years in the solar sector and extensive testing, igus can guarantee a long service life on all of their products.

ESQM solar bearings img

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