LAPP ROBUST cables for harsh conditions

The LAPP ROBUST cables provide solutions for power, control and data transmission, as well as bus, sensor and Ethernet connections for a wide range of harsh environments.

The LAPP ROBUST series from Treotham are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, as well as ozone, UV and weather. The wide temperature range and compliance with EN 50396 and HD 605 S2 also make them suitable for wet cleaning in the food and beverage industry in accordance with ECOLAB.

The ÖLFLEX® ROBUST range of all-weather power and control cables are versatile for indoor and outdoor applications. They are resistant to bio oil, detergent and hot water, making them ideal for the food and beverage industry and composting plants.

The halogen-free data transmission UNITRONIC® ROBUST cables with colour code acc. To DIN 47100 are low-frequency data cables featuring a special resistant sheath material for use in particularly harsh environments. They are ideal for use in machine tool manufacturing, medical engineering, the chemical industry, food and beverage, laundries, composting and sewage plants, agricultural machinery and car wash systems.

The halogen free ETHERLINE® ROBUST industrial Ethernet cables are also suitable for the food and beverage industries with excellent UV, ozone, chemical and weather resistance. The Cat.5e and Cat.7 PROFINET cables feature a special TPE jacket for rough environments.

The full LAPP ROBUST range is available from Treotham Automation.

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