New ILME CX series from Treotham combines power and signal

ILME CX series of combined inserts has been enriched with the new-born CX 9/42, an all-in-one solution combining power and signal connections.

CX 9/42 inserts set a new standard in the design of rectangular connectors, a combination of 9 power and 42 auxiliary signal contacts.

Especially designed for robotics applications in the automotive environment, the benefit of having a space-saving solution matches the need to reduce maintenance time and parts costs, unifying in a single connector power lines together with sensitive auxiliary signals.

Suitable for removable contacts CX series up to size 6.0 (6 mm2 / AWG 10) and CD series up to size 2.5 (2,5 mm2 / AWG 14), the 40 A power contacts are placed in the central part of the insert covering the wiring of up to three main 3-phase motors, while on the sides of the connector the 10 A auxiliary contacts can accommodate additional mid-power motors, control and signal connection demands.

For further technical details, contact Treotham Automation.

Ilme CX 9 42 inserts Industrial Electrix

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