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LS-TYPE Series
The new LS-TYPE enclosures are the ideal solution for the entertainment industry (lighting systems power supply
and relevant mixers and dimmer panels), such as theatre stages, film sets, radio and TV studios, discos, trade fair
booths, concert halls and night public events, both indoors and outdoors etc.
All parts are in elegant RAL 9005 black, suitable for situations and locations where they are not to be seen in the
The enclosures are available in standard sizes 44.27, 57.27, 77.27,104.27 and are designed to house all types of
connector inserts (crimp, screw, spring type inserts, as well as our innovative Squich connection).
These metal enclosures maintain the outstanding features of the corresponding versions in grey colour.
Moreover, their overall dimensions and fastening flanges are the same as the equivalent classic versions; it is
therefore possible to use the new LS-type enclosures as an alternative to the standard ones.
The “N” suffix identifies the new LS-TYPE series as follows:
- CHIN bulkhead mounting housing, with lever(s)
- MAPN surface mounting housing, high construction, with lever(s)
- MFVN hood with pegs, high construction, top entry
- MFON hood with pegs, high construction, side entry
- MFVN G hood with lever(s) and gasket, high construction, top entry
- CHCN covers with pegs
- CHCN G covers with lever(s) and gasket
The enclosures guarantee IP65 degree of protection (in accordance with EN 60529) when coupled and locked
through locking lever.
The range of operating ambient temperature is -40°C ÷ +125°C.

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