Ilme SIMPLEX self-closing cover

The original ilme SIMPLEX self-closing cover is a smart solution to always preserve the connector, granting an IP65 degree of protection when mated and locked.

Made of self-extinguishing thermoplastic material reinforced with glass fibre, the SIMPLEX cover is the right choice for applications like panels, machinery, control systems where protection of the uncovered connector is essential when the mating plug is removed, without recurring to the manual operation of closing a hinged cover.

The range of enclosures with this solution is now extended to surface mounting housings, allowing you to choose among the V-Type version, with extra tough vertical stainless steel lever, which hosts connectors with 6, 10, 16 or 24 poles; and the IL-BRID version, with combined thermoplastic and steel lever, which grants a soft closing and a strong hold, designed for 15 and 25 poles connectors.


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