Easy and quick PCB wiring

Treotham introduces the new ILME CIF X17 2.4 PCB adapter, an efficient solution for all the main industrial applications, such as automation, robotics and railways.

The 17-pole adapter is a smart combination of 3 separate modules which can be purchased separately or in a kit. Easy to assemble, the combination includes two CIF 2.4 and one CIF 5 2.4 interface, which fix together in a dovetail joint.

Use the complete adapter with the CX 17 DF/M MIXO high-density inserts for power and signal connection applications to achieve a quick mounting with a reduction of wiring costs.

The gold plated contacts offer a 7.5A 160V 2.5kV 3 rating and compatibility with up to 2.4 mm thick PCB.

Complete the installation with the dedicated interface contacts CDFA 6A and CDMA 6A32, and a wide range of enclosures for all environmental requirements.


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