Quickly harnessed and safely protected with new pair shielding for igus servo cables

Save 30% installation time thanks to new igus pair shield design in chainflex servo cables

The objective of the four-year development and testing conducted by the cable specialists at igus, was the easy processing of cables, simple installation of complex pair shield and, at the same time, increasing the service life of the energy chain. The result is a new pair shield for the chainflex servo cables of the CF 21, 27 and 29 series. This ensures maximum electromagnetic compatibility of the control pair and a faster shielding of the cable. This enables the user to save up to 30% of the processing time for the pair shield and thus also installation costs.

If the converter and drive need to be connected, servo cables are used. For their assembly, the user must first strip the cable. The CFRIP thread, the innovation introduced by igus in 2012, helps to do this. The tear-proof ripcord in the cable jacket makes the pulling easy, like a zipper, providing up to 50 percent faster cable stripping. The covered shielding increases the electromagnetic compatibility of the control pair and simplifies the connection of the pair shield. This allows users to save up to 30% on the installation of the pair shields and therefore reduce costs. "This special covering method significantly increases the service life of the servo cable families," explains Rainer Rössel, head of chainflex cables division at igus. "We were able to prove this in the test in the in-house test laboratory with more than 45 million strokes."

Servo cables with 36 months guarantee

The UL-approved igus servo cables of the CF21 series are available with a highly flexible, oil-resistant PVC jacket for high stressing capacity and the smallest bend radii in the energy chain of down to 7.5 x d. The CF27 cable series with an oil-resistant PUR outer jacket is flame-retardant and has the EAC and CTP certificate for the Russian market. Whereas the CF29 cable with a TPE outer jacket is suitable for applications with a bend radius of down to 6.8 x d, even at extreme temperatures of -35 to +100 degrees Celsius. All 1,350 or more chainflex cables for the movement, available from Treotham, are tested by igus in the 2,750 square metre in-house test laboratory. This makes igus the only manufacturer on the market to offer a 36-month guarantee on its entire cable range.

New pair shield CF servo cable PT

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