30% cost saving with new data cable for use in e-chains

New chainflex CF8821 data cable with guaranteed service life and UL approval for moving applications

With more than 1,300 products, Treotham has the largest portfolio of tested igus cables for use in energy chains, for every industry. Igus has developed the CF8821 data cable as a cost-effective alternative for builders of low duty cycle machines. With the new cable series, machine builders can not only save up to 30 percent on costs, but also receive a cable with UL approval that is guaranteed to work.

Data cables are used in a wide variety of sectors, from machine tools to robots. The cables must always withstand forces when running in energy chains. Igus has developed a new, especially cost-effective data cable specifically for applications without high mechanical requirements, such as adjustment devices, encoder units, and wood or stone processing machines. By selecting the chainflex CF8821, machine builders can save up to 30% cost when compared to standard chainflex data cables. Offered with small cross-sections, the new cable is suitable for use in e-chains with a bend radius of 12.5 x d. Shielding protects them from interference. The highly flexible PVC outer jacket is silicone-free and flame-retardant. Like all igus cables from Treotham, the new data cable has also been tested in the in-house 2,750 m2 test laboratory. This makes igus the only manufacturer on the market to offer a 36-month guarantee on its entire cable range. For the new data cable, Treotham promises a service life of up to 5 million cycles. In addition to the guarantee, UL approval of the CF8821 cables opens up possibilities for machine builders exporting to the American market.

Double safety thanks to chainflex cables with UL approvals

With more than 1,300 types, Treotham offers the widest range of energy chain cables with the world's most extensive selection with international approvals, including cables with the UL certification. One of the biggest challenges for international plant manufacturers is the different technical standards and norms on the OEM and operator side in North America. Organisations in Europe and America have been trying to harmonise their regulations for years. The motion plastics specialist igus makes an important contribution towards the harmonisation with 1,044 out of the total 1,354 cables in its portfolio having UL-certification. Thanks to UL approval, small to medium-sized companies as well as large OEMs can export their machines to America more easily and commission them without any problems. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories which is the most well-known and comprehensively accepted test organisation in the USA. It regularly publishes standards and certifies products such as the chainflex cables. If there are test certificates for the cables, commissioning is quick and smooth.

CF8821 data cable Circuit

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