What Are Coaxial Cables Made Of?

In this article, we explain what a coaxial cable is made of to assist you in determining if a coaxial cable will suit the requirements of your application.

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Find out what a coaxial cable is made up of below. 

What Is Coaxial Cable Made Of?Coaxial RG pic

What is coaxial cable made up of depends on the cable used. Our range of coaxial cables includes cables from Lapp group and igus

Lapp Group’s Coaxial cable RG is made of:

  • Flame retardant materials according to IEC 60332-1-2
  • PE outer sheath 
  • PVC outer sheath

Lapp Group’s Multi coaxial cable RG 59 B/U is made of:

  • 2 x single coaxial cables type RG 59 B/U
  • Twin cable
  • PVC sheath

Lapp Group’s Coaxial cable RGB is made up of:Lapp robust cables img

  • Tinned copper wire conductor
  • Cellular polyolefin dielectric
  • Copper braiding or tinned copper wire braiding outer conductor
  • PVC outer sheath (FD version with PUR outer sheath)

Download the Lapp Group Coaxial Cable pdf for detailed information on what Lapp Group’s coaxial cables made of.

igus’ coaxial cable is made up of

  • TPE outer jacket (complies with CF9.15.07 according to standard 14644-1)
  • Silicon free materials (which can affect paint adhesion) 
  • Special FEP mixture and PE mixture for the core insulation 
  • Tinned copper wire element shield

Download the igus coax cable pdf for detailed information on what the coaxial cables are made of.

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