What Does an Ultrasonic Sensor Do?

A question commonly asked is what do ultrasonic sensors do? In this article we explain what an ultrasonic sensor does across different types of applications.

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What Do Ultrasonic Sensors Do?
ultrasonic sensor

Ultrasonic sensors emit pulsed ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency to determine an object’s distance by measuring the time it takes for the sound to bounce back and be received from the object.

What an ultrasonic sensor does depends on the application but they can be used for quality testing, measuring fill levels, stacking heights, steel coil and distance & collision protection. 

Other functions the ultrasonic sensor does are sag control for sheet products, object selection and detection of sharp objects. They are also suitable for monitoring as well.

What does the ultrasonic sensor do in terms of monitoring again depends on the application but can include:

  • Distance
  • Position 
  • Slack
  • Presence

Our range of ultrasonic sensors including high performance distance sensors, reflex sensors with analog output, ultrasonic reflex sensors and fork sensors for label detection have excellent technical properties and are almost completely insensitive to interfering factors like dust, smoke and lint.

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