What Is Time Delay Relay?

A question often asked is: What is time delay relay? In this article we provide the answer to this question and provide you with information about the time delay relays in our range.

Treotham Automation has been providing cost effective industrial automation solutions to the Australian market for over 25 years. We are the exclusive distributor for many international product lines and our locally based warehouses allow us to fulfill orders efficiently. Find out what a timer relay is below. 

Time Delay Relays

What is a timer relay? and what does a time delay relay do?PNOZ s5 1

A time delay relay is a safety monitoring device. Time delay relays are suitable for monitoring emergency stops, light curtains and gate interlocks. Delayed outputs are available in OFF-Delay and ON-Delay formats. 

  1. OFF-Delay Safety Relays
    Used for de-energisation of frequency inverters / VSDs prior to de-energisation of redundant contactors / valves.

  2. ON-Delay Safety Relays
    Used in applications where power must be maintained for a fixed duration after an input signal is received.

We supply the SNV 4063KL-A time delay relay from Weiland and the PNOZ s5 time delay relay from Pilz to the Australian market.

All safety relays in our range are suitable for Safety Category 4/Pl e as per EN ISO 13849.

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