What are Coax Cables?

In this article we provide the answer to the question, what are coax cables? 

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Find out what coax cables are,what coaxial cables are made of and what the different types of coaxial cable are below. 

What Are Coax Cables?Coaxial RG pic

Their purpose of a coax cable is to allow distortion-free and low attenuation transmission of signals with a high bandwidth.

Coax cables are cables made up of three main parts: 

  • Inner conductor 
  • Insulating layer (that surrounds the inner conductor) 
  • Conductive shielding (which surrounds the conductive shielding)

What Are Coaxial Cables Made Of?

What are coaxial cables made of depends on the cable, however, the Lapp Group cables in our range have a PVC or PE outer sheath and have a braided wire outer conductor.

igus’ coaxial cable is made of silicon-free materials - TPE outer jacket, special FEP mixture & PE mixture for the core insulation and tinned copper wire for the element shield.

What Are The Different Types Of Coaxial Cable?

The different types of coaxial cables in our range include:

  • Lapp Group Coaxial Cable RG 
  • Lapp Group Multi Coaxial Cable RG 59 B/U
  • Lapp Group Coaxial Cable RGB 
  • igus Coaxial Cable

Download the Lapp Group Coaxial Cable pdf and igus coax cable pdf for detailed information on what the different types of coaxial cable are in our range. 

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